How do you restate a sentence

1) The microphone industry uses the same technology used in the manufacture of condensers for over 30 years. Condenser microphones have impressive sound quality and have been around for a long time. The technique, as well as the mechanisms involved in making a condenser microphone, prospered because it allowed new companies to produce images at competitive prices. China is a major center for microphone manufacturing due to the lack of labor laws.

2) The scientist and influencer Albert Einstein is one of the people with the most history. Thanks to his theories, we now know more about space than ever before. Even without sufficient resources, Einstein theorized about the existence of black holes that were recently photographed by space explorers. What we don’t know about the man is that he was offered the position of leader of the nation of Israel in 1952. Although Einstein was not an Israeli, he still had a good reputation in the country because he was considered one of the best Jews. men of the world


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By definition, restate the thesis or “restate the thesis” refers to the statement of the original theory of your essay using different words. A thesis statement usually appears last when you have finished your paper. A thesis is reformulated using a different wording while maintaining its original position.

How to repeat?

Your thesis statement is just the first short part of your conclusion. Make sure you don’t just repeat yourself, your thesis statement should use new and interesting language. After restating your thesis, you should not simply summarize the main points of your argument.

Repeating an idea is simply saying it in other words. The repetition uses a different sentence structure. When you want to repeat an idea, don’t start with the original sentence and try to change it. In fact, don’t look at the original sentence at all.

Avoid clichés.

When rewriting your thesis statement, avoid phrases like “As stated above, In conclusion, As stated in this article.” These abused expressions lack originality.

You are portrayed as uncreative for your reader. Use a unique and creative opening to convey a strong message to your reader.

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