How do you summarize a main point in a speech

The summary can be difficult for many children. They have difficulty not only remembering what they have seen/read, but also separating relevant information from irrelevant details and counting everything in the correct order. That’s a lot for anyone. So how can we introduce this skill that, at first glance, seems as daunting as climbing Everest? ! I found a fun way to help my students learn this skill without overwhelming them.

Effective ways to end a speech

  1. Summarize the main themes or main points of a speech.
  2. Repeat some words or phrases using the rhetorical repetition of the rhetorical figure.
  3. Indicate how your points confirm your general and specific objective.
  4. Repeat and reinforce the main idea.
  5. Repeat the connection between the needs and interests of the audience and your thesis.
  6. Returns to an anecdote or a quote from the introductory text.
  7. Gives the so-called moral of the story.
  8. Call them to action and give them the steps to do it.
  9. List the benefits or applications available; Very effective ways to end a speech.
  10. Restate the problem and give your solution in two sentences.
  11. Display the result of your function call with a prop or visual aid.
  12. Change your main idea or even the title of the conversation into an easy to remember tagline.
  13. Recite one or two verses from songs, poems or quotes from a historical presentation.
  14. It ends with an interesting human story in which everything is connected.
  15. It ends with a great personal anecdote.
  16. Ends with an illustrative example.
  17. End with a joke or witty comment. It must be said that one chooses these ways to end a speech only if it is very funny.
  18. Connect the themes of your speech with the motivations and general thoughts of the audience. This way of concluding a speech brings the whole subject of the speech into hearts and minds.
  19. Ask a rhetorical question and answer with a memorable line.
  20. Give the final answer to an important question that you suggested earlier in your introduction.
  21. Surprise yourself with a shocking fact or figure that highlights the need for change.
  22. Draw the contours of the ideal situation that you propose. Show them that they will see heaven if they do, think, or act as you wish.

Tips A to E

I hope you found these 26 PowerPoint tips helpful.

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