How do you summarize an essay example

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Read the article, several times if possible

Estimate your time and read the document carefully, taking notes as you go. Depending on the type and size of the text, you may want to read it several times. However, that’s not always possible: while a newspaper article probably won’t cause you any trouble, a book chapter or scientific journal article might take an hour or more to read. Therefore, you should get as much information as possible from each reading. Go slowly, making sure you fully understand everything you read. Write down any obvious thoughts. If questions arise during your reading, write them down and try to find the answers during your subsequent readings. If you have enough time, read the text aloud at least once; this will help you process and summarize the information.

“It’s just a preparation, how to summarize my article?” you will probably ask. You can start by trying to convey the main idea of ​​the text in a short sentence. Ask yourself, “Which statement sums up the article in its entirety?” » How can I convey the essence of my article as quickly as possible? » Be sure to use your own words. Don’t go on autopilot and just copy what is said in the thesis statement of the article itself.

If you go too close to the original in your abstract, you could be accused of plagiarism in this text.

Summary of the work

To develop the first part of a report, proceed as follows:

  • Identify the author and the title of the work and put between in parentheses the publisher and the date of publication (for newspaper and magazine references, indicate the date of publication).
  • Write an informative summary of the material.
  • Summarizes the content of the work, identifying its main points and main points of support.
  • Use direct quotes from the work to show important ideas.
  • Summarizes the material so that the reader has a general idea of ​​all the main aspects of the original work.
  • Do not discuss in detail any aspect of the work and do not neglect to mention other equally important points.
  • Also, keep the summary factual and realistic. Do not include your personal opinion about the work in the first part of the document; your personal opinion will form the basis of the second part of your article.


Paraphrase the essay introduction to close the readers’ loop. Completing an essay with the same situation could confirm your point of view and create a better understanding.

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