How long does it take to write a 10000 word dissertation

A thesis, if expressed in simple terms, is a long version of a research paper. Since it is a research paper, a thesis consists of almost the same chapters and components, differing in the depth of the research and the number of words, of course.

  1. Introduction: A brief introduction to the research topic or problem, detailing the research question, the thesis statement and the research objectives, as well as basic information on the topic.
  2. Literature review: A critical review of the available literature on the subject.
  3. Methods: description of the methods used to perform the search.
  4. Analysis/Conclusions: understanding of the conclusions and subsequent analysis.
  5. Conclusion: the end of the thesis, summarizing all the research with justification, context and reformulation of the research question.

UK 10,000 word dissertation structure

The first main chapter of a dissertation is called the introduction. The introductory chapter of a thesis constitutes 10% of the complete thesis. If you are going to write a thesis of 10,000 words, the introductory chapter of the thesis should be 1,000 words. In these 1000 words, you need to state your research topic, state your research questions, state your thesis objectives, and outline your thesis structure.

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Be SMART about setting writing goals

If you want to maximize your performance as a writer, you need to be realistic about it. There are no criteria. The effort, thought and design that goes into each piece is different. For example, writing 4 blog posts of 500 words each is different from writing one long 3000 word post. Keep this in mind when setting goals.

Knowledge of thesis chapters

Let’s start with the usual number of chapters in a thesis. However, before you read the rest of this section, let me tell you that the most important thing here is to follow the guidelines of your university/college. If they gave you a specific structure to follow, go for it.

In case you take to the field to fight the thesis dragon (which sounds so cheesy) without much help, you need to know how to defeat the beast

Start with good planning

The best way to write an in-depth thesis in two weeks is to write an outline first. Students who write 2,000 words in one sitting do so because they have designed their plans in a way that allows them to reach such important milestones.

In your outline, determine what you need to include in the task, the correct order to include them, and the number of words for each section. Spend a maximum of 4 days researching and reading more, then the next 5-7 days writing 1,000-2,000 words a day.

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