How many references do I need for a 10000 word dissertation

Originally Answered: How many references do I need for a 10,000 word thesis? As much as you need to support applications that are not derived from your own work. But as a general rule, 100 references would not be much, but enough.

For me it’s more like once or twice a day, depending on my state of health. I know others who only work on their books on the weekends, because they don’t have time during the week. Unless you’re talking about full-time “professional” writers who don’t need another job to feed themselves and their families.

Importance of references

References are sources of research carried out previously by trusted academics, which you add to your thesis because it helps:

All these points about the elements mentioned above, adds value and gives credibility to your search. It is the most basic, essential and important part of any academic work submitted by a student. This helps the reader to better understand what idea he is trying to convey as a researcher, with the support of other relevant sources.

Order type

The number of sources mentioned may also depend on the given order type. A literature review article requires the largest number of references, with all the ideas cited, as well as any subsequent extensions or contradictions of theories. Since the purpose of a literature review is to identify and report a variety of ideas found in various reliable sources, a literature review, or the literature review section of a dissertation, will have the highest reference level. An argumentative essay needs references to support the first ideas presented. However, since the purpose of an argumentative essay is to analyze and critique the ideas presented, with a discussion of different aspects of an argument, fewer sources are needed compared to a literature review, with a higher proportion of content made up of thought. original. and discussion A personal essay may not require references. The essay score can also affect the number of suggested references.

For example, graduate students are generally expected to provide more citations supporting more in-depth research than undergraduate students.

The longer the job, the more references are required. As a general rule of thumb, there should be 8-12 references per 1,000 words. However, this must also be determined in the context of the above considerations.

Research methodology: How long should a methodology last in a thesis of 10,000 words?

The chapter on research procedures in a thesis represents 15% of the complete thesis. In a 10,000 word thesis, a chapter on research methodology should be 1,500 words in a thesis. In these 1500 words, you should give the general structure and style of the thesis, give complete details for data analysis, and give a complete idea about the evaluation of research methods. You can also get expert help to write a dissertation methodology chapter tailored to your needs with our expert writer.

5% of the complete thesis is in the chapter of results or results of the thesis. In a 10,000 word thesis, there are 500 words in the results or results of a thesis section. Within these 500 words, a student must provide an in-depth analysis of the thesis results.

When preparing the list of references for the thesis, students must also take into account the needs of the institution.

The reason for this is that sometimes your category can affect certain effects and restrictions on the use of references. In such circumstances, you will need to follow your department’s requirements.

This way you will have many resources to put into your thesis.

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