How many teachers quit 5 years?

The average secondary school teacher taught 16.7 students, the same as last year, but an increase from 14.8 in 2010-2011. Officials noted an increase in middle school enrollment since 2016.

The number of elementary students per teacher remained the same at 20.4 in 2010-2011 and 20.6 in 2021-2022, although Courtney gave noted that this was despite the fall in the number of primary school pupils.

Why teachers quit: lack of upward mobility within school systems

Within a school district, there are few opportunities for a teacher to move into new and exciting roles. While some teachers are leaving the classroom for administrative, TOSA, or curriculum specialist positions, many are on career breaks. Over the years, they are less motivated to expand their professional skills. The professional development opportunities offered by the administration are often outdated, disconnected, or often ignore the worst points for teachers as a whole.

It does not help that many teachers are against the vain hope that teaching will be their eternal career. With this in mind, teachers who are considering quitting are often unfairly stigmatised. People are often angry when teachers leave to seek career opportunities elsewhere, and others in the school system may see it as an easy way out. But the average person changes jobs about 12 times. Unfortunately, many have less than three teachers, and teaching was their last job.

Teachers leave because there are not enough breaks.

“I continue to teach at the moment, but I plan to quit school after this school year if the opportunity arises. I like breaks, but sometimes it’s not worth it. I’m thinking of leaving because now it’s about numbers – not kids. We are told what and how to teach. It is becoming increasingly difficult to follow the new rules, laws and regulations imposed on us. The pay is too low. Teachers are not respected. School is a place where children are sent so parents can work (at least in my county). Children become more stubborn (I teach in secondary school). You can’t defend yourself…the list is very long.

In the end we love children so we stay. I would have gone this year, but there is a very serious shortage of teachers in our district and I feel sorry for the children. Holidays and summer vacations are good too, but in the end they are not enough.

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