Is MBA well paid?

An MBA prepares graduates for leadership and management roles, and choosing an in-demand concentration can lead to a higher salary.

According to the Graduate Admissions Management Council’s 2022 Corporate Recruiting Survey, recruiters plan to offer new MBA hires an average starting salary of $115,000. Those with an MBA may be offered more.

Sales Manager

Starting just behind marketing management in the best sales and marketing jobs in the United States, sales management is an exciting and successful career because many companies immerse themselves in it and where they come from. Sell ​​their products. Sales managers are very important today because they help businesses to find new customers, retain existing customers, set new sales targets and create new strategies to reach customers in this area that is become more digitized.

Sales managers must work hard with their teams and motivate them. They are essential to push team members to achieve sales targets and increase sales. They must recruit and hire sales staff, work with marketing teams, align their goals with the organization’s financial goals, and be able to consistently meet quotas. These people create new promotional plans, create training programs for sales team members, keep up to date with current market trends, and know what customers want and need right now. Creativity, leadership skills and customer service skills are the most important attributes for these people. In addition, they must be analytical and be able to communicate their results clearly to team members.

Highest Paying MBA Programs

Below, we look at the high-paying industries and careers where MBA graduates are in high demand. Fields with the highest earning potential include finance, IT and healthcare administration.

Pursuing a specialized MBA concentration can improve your career prospects and qualify you for higher positions. However, many of the highest paying MBA positions require significant work experience.

Investment banker

An investment banker helps companies and government agencies raise funds in capital markets and provides strategic advice on mergers and other types of financial transactions.

Training The investment banker position generally requires a strong background in MBA with a strong focus on finance.

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The importance of gratitude cannot be overemphasized. Whether in person, virtually, over the phone or by email, thank all alumni who have agreed to share their time and experience with you. Ideally, this is done in the moment and with a note. Be sure to follow any instructions or additional information the alum may share with you. If they offer you their own network, take it seriously and go for it.

As the debate continues about whether you should be a generalist or a specialist, we’ll assess some factors employers would consider when deciding who to hire.

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