What are the disadvantages of MBA?

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Disadvantages of doing an online MBA course:

The distance learning MBA program is similar to regular courses. However, the online learning degree is not worth much compared to a full-time MBA.

In addition, students do not have access to suitable infrastructure. For example, an MBA student pursuing an MBA from an IIM will definitely have an upper hand in terms of facilities, amenities, support, teacher support, orientation, etc. However, if the same student pursues an online MBA, he or she will not get all the above facilities.


Because not all online MBA courses are created equal and vary from institution to institution, degrees affect the reputation of the program. Most of the companies are looking for MBA graduates who have graduated from well accredited accredited institutions. This greatly increases their value and credibility. In addition, the best online MBA schools are becoming more and more technologically savvy. So, if you are considering an online MBA, you should consider its reputation.

The profitability of an online MBA is one of its main advantages. Online MBA programs are more affordable than traditional MBA programs. This is because they have low running costs. If you pay in monthly installments, you can choose a longer and more affordable online MBA program. Not only is this method of payment more convenient for low-income students, but it is also attractive to organizations that want to finance part or all of their continuing education.

II. You don’t need a VISA to study in your country

When comparing an MBA in India to an MBA abroad, you should consider the difficulties associated with a VISA get. It might seem like a small thing, but the amount of work you have to do to get a VISA for an MBA abroad is huge, isn’t it?

Multiple ways to achieve goals

As the popularity of the MBA increases, many universities and business schools have developed different Master of Business Administration programs with different curricula which enhances the skills that individual students need to achieve. their goals in a management career. Here are some of the most popular programs available to MBA aspirants.

  • General management
  • International management
  • Human resource management
  • Marketing
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  • Information Technology
  • Entrepreneurship

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