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I often find myself driving the FFA truck across the state, as you would expect from a state official. These are some of the moments that I treasured and learned about myself and the people around me. Whether it’s five minutes or five hours, I’m always there for coffee, music and a chat with my team as we drive down the road.

As Thanksgiving approaches, the topic of being grateful is at the forefront of my mind, which means it comes up a lot in conversation. At the end of October, Jessie and I made our way across the state from Ontario to Canby. It’s been about a six hour drive, which means we had plenty of time to chat and inevitably started talking about things we were grateful for.


What is a PGCE? A PGCE is a Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Education, combining work placement and teaching theory. PGCE types include Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, and Higher Education. It is a popular route for graduates who want to use their knowledge to teach others.

How long will it last? PGCEs can be completed in just nine months if studied full-time, with part-time courses taking longer.

Bachelor’s Degree

There are two levels of college degrees: associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree.

It typically takes two years to complete an associate’s degree.

Technical colleges or community colleges typically offer these degrees. These titles reflect general education as well as specialization. For the most part, there are two types of associate degrees: professional degrees, for example, Associate of Applied Science (AAS). The purpose of this degree is to provide you with the basic knowledge to build your career foundation, such as knowledge of medical terms and descriptions of important topics.

What are the different university majors in order?

There are different types of undergraduate degrees, but we’ll talk about the most popular degree levels and they include (undergraduate degrees in order from lowest to highest): associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and finally a Ph.D. Philosophy.

What are the levels of the steps in order?

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A doctorate. it takes several years to complete (a minimum of three years and a maximum of six to eight years). It usually involves a substantial research project, as well as the completion of an original thesis.

To begin work on your thesis, the capstone project of your doctoral program, you must first complete a rigorous series of courses in your field of study and then pass a qualifying exam.

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