What is a 7 year college degree?

We are proud to share this recent article, published in ASBMB-Today, a newsletter of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, featuring Isabel Distefano, biology major and 2017 TCNJ graduate.

Isabel (left) now works in the Pritzker DNA Lab at the Field Museum in Chicago and loves her job. The article is here: https://www.asbmb.org/asbmb-today/careers/082622/science-inside-a-museum-exhibition

Increase your course load

The students continue The semester system usually requires 15 credits per semester, and the total load of a quarter system is often between 9 and 12 credits. By taking more courses, students can earn credits faster, and often without increasing their tuition. In fact, many universities charge a flat rate for a full study load.

However, attending more classes can put pressure on students, especially those juggling school and work. It can also contribute to burnout. So think carefully about whether it’s worth increasing your course load.

Associate Degree in Information Technology – IT Support

With businesses relying more than ever on computers and technology, information technology professionals are in high demand. With an associate degree in computer science – computer support, graduates should be highly skilled and eventually obtain specific certifications in computer operating systems, computer hardware, network technologies, databases, mobile computing and help desk.

New graduates of this degree may be suitable for Computer Technician, Help Desk Support, Computer Application Specialist, IT Support Specialist, or Software Trainer with average starting salaries of $31,000 and up to $63,000 per year. Usually in 20 years they move on to a related but different and higher position.

Lower Costs

While degree costs vary by school and program, trade schools and community colleges cost, on average, much less than four-year colleges institutions. According to NCES, the average annual cost at a four-year institution for the 2018-2019 academic year was about $28,100. In contrast, the average cost of a two-year school was about $11,300.

Lower costs can also be reflected in other areas. Students who attend local community colleges, for example, typically do not pay school room and board fees. However, limited facilities, student organizations, and entertainment options on campus may be a trade-off for the lower costs of a community college compared to a four-year college.

Guaranteed Admission

Many applicants compete for admission to their school’s medical program. A BS/MD program is an easier route because you are guaranteed to enter medical school after your bachelor’s degree.

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