What is a Masters degree holder called?

It really depends on the university, the department and sometimes even the project and the supervisor.

From an application perspective, some institutions may formally request that you have a master’s degree related to the subject of the doctoral project before you can start their doctoral program.


MA is a good choice if you need an official title for someone with a master’s degree. It stands for “Master of Arts, Humanities and


Sciences”. It is a very broad term that encompasses many different disciplines and media.

MA tends to cover the largest area for MA courses. It is well suited to people who have a degree from studying any of the subjects mentioned in the abbreviation.

Brief summary

So the rules to follow are:

  • Use master (with apostles) to speak of degrees—unless you are writing for ‘a publication that chose to use “mastery”.
  • Only capitalize master if you are talking about a specific degree (eg, “He has a master’s degree in science.”
  • Consult a style guide with for abbreviations.

    Some publications abbreviate Master of Arts as M.A. while others abbreviate it as MA (without periods)
  • Also check which abbreviation a particular institution or country uses: In the United

    States, Master of

    Science is written with ‘M

    S ‘ or ‘M.

    S.’ but in the UK and Europe it is ‘M

    Sc’ or ‘M.



All masters must have an undergraduate degree to registration. the same requirement for writing a thesis or dissertation.

If you successfully obtain a master’s degree through an educational program, you will have a Master of Arts (MA) degree. , Master of

Science (M

S) or Master of Philosophy (MPhil).For those who earn their Master’s degree by research, br they are awarded a Master of Research (Mre) in a customized field of study. Degree-specific master’s programs are also available such as the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Education (M.Ed).

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A bachelor’s degree is the most common post-secondary option and is generally considered the standard for employment in most career fields. In most cases, a bachelor’s degree takes four years of full-time study. However, some majors may take longer, or schools may offer accelerated programs that allow students to earn their degrees in less time.

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