What is considered a good research conclusion

1. Full abstract The article concludes by arguing __ Based on this, we conclude that __ The authors have concluded that __ is not limited to __ This leads to the conclusion __ that the results of this study can be understood as __ This can be seen as a promising aspect of __ This could be seen as further evidence of __ Yes remaining issues under the topic __ In summary, this article argued that __ This aspect of the research suggested that __ In conclusion, __ appears to be expanding __ In summary, account , this article argues that __ In conclusion, it would appear that __ The analysis leads to the following conclusions: __ It is difficult to draw conclusions about __ The main conclusion that can be drawn is that __ The current results confirm __ As we have argued elsewhere, __ could be considered a promising aspect of __. Ideally, these results should be replicated in a study where __ Using __ we have tested the hypothesis that __ In conclusion, __ appears to be improving __ Overall, our results indicate that __ finds this important for understanding __ Overall, these results from reference are consistent with research showing that __ In addition, these results provide additional information about __ Despite limitations, they are valuable according to __ Overall, our results show a strong influence of __ However, we found __ To the best of our knowledge, this is a ‘ first report of __ Our results on __ are partially consistent with __ The overall impact of the current r analysis that __ This conclusion arises from the fact that __ Taken together, our results appear consistent with __ It is important to note that our results provide evidence for __ The results provide a basis for __ This experience adds to a growing body of research showing __ Our data indicates that __; a result that sheds new light on __ These results provide a possible mechanism for __ We have shown that __ Our data indicates that we still have a long way to go for __

2. Future work: Future research should consider the possible effects of __ with more care, eg, __ This hypothesis can be addressed in future studies. Future research on __ could expand definitions of __ This is really the main part of efforts to overcome __ In future work, research on __ could be important. This is desirable for future work. Future studies are needed to confirm the type of conclusions that can be drawn from this study. Future research could fruitfully explore this question in __ Future research is needed to complete __ It will be important for future research to explore __ A future research question is research __ We believe that in addition to __ research, future research should focus on __However, research in the past could in the future continue to study __This is a question for future research. Future studies could examine the relationship between __ Future studies should aim to replicate the findings in a __ Future research should focus on development __ This could be a topic for future studies. Future research may explore __ Interesting research questions for future research that may arise from __ In future research, more research is needed to apply and test __ The topic is This is interesting for future work. Future research should expand on and confirm these initial findings in __ Future research should further assess whether __ As also suggested above, this would be suitable for future research __ Future research should strategically examine __ Future research could __ Additionally, __ could be an important area for future research Several suggestions for future research are provided. Therefore, future research needs to be done in more realistic contexts for __ More research is needed on __ the question. More work is needed to unravel these complexities in __ In the future, additional efforts could be of great benefit to the literature. More research is needed to confirm this new finding. This result deserves further investigation through __ It is a good starting point for discussion and further investigation. Future studies should examine __ The ability of __ deserves further investigation.

How to write a conclusion for a research paper

How to start a conclusion for a research paper? It should be written as if it were a summary of your work. The audience should be seen as your peers, but the tone should be more conversational than technical, so don’t get bogged down in details. Keep it clear, with direct wording. This is where you can present your ideas about the importance of your products.

What does your research point to? If more research is needed, now is the time to indicate in which direction you think it should go. If you show great determination, then stand up for yourself.

Begin by clarifying your objectives and summarizing the main points of your thesis. Do not include numbers or details, leave them for the body of your article. Now is the time to extrapolate your decisions by analyzing the importance of your decisions. How important is your research on the subject? What additional information is needed?

Step 1: Restate the problem

The first task in your conclusion is to remind the reader of your research problem. You will have discussed this topic in depth throughout the body, but now the focus is on getting back from the details to the big picture.

When you repeat a problem that you have already presented, avoid formulating it as it appears in the introduction. Ideally, you will find a new way to return to the problem from the more detailed ideas discussed in the body.

What to include in a research paper Conclusion

Introduced your general area of ​​research to the reader in the introductory section, beginning with background information (the background to your paper, often accompanied by a literature review) to the rationale for your study, then to the specific problem or issue you addressed, formulated as a research problem statement or a thesis statement in an essay.

In the conclusions section, by contrast, your task is to move from your specific conclusions or arguments to a larger picture of how your research “increases readers’ understanding of a particular concept or helps solve a problem.” . practical matter. problem, or fills an important gap in the literature. The content of your conclusions section depends on the type of research you do and the type of article you write. But whatever the outcome of your work, the conclusion is where you summarize it briefly and place it in a larger context. This could be the “take home message” of the entire newspaper.

Argumentative Conclusion of Research Paper

The most compelling arguments from your research paper should be added to the conclusion if you want to draw a strong argumentative conclusion.

Also, if your thesis statement expresses your point of view on the topic, you should consider including a resume, as well as any other relevant information.

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