What is the best job in education?

If you are an elementary, middle or high school principal, you can expect an average salary of $95,310 per year. Being a school principal is a rewarding career choice. As a principal, you are responsible for managing and overseeing all the operations of your school. They manage operations such as the development and implementation of education policies.

In addition, school leaders are responsible for hiring teachers and school staff. They work to develop the school’s curricula and ensure that teachers follow them correctly. Principals oversee staff training and student progress.


If you are looking for the best careers in education, consider the role of superintendent. A superintendent is a leader for the entire school district and does his best to achieve the goals set by the school board related to the education of the students. The career path is challenging, but it provides an opportunity for educators to advance their careers and achieve unique goals related to educating elementary through high school students.

A superintendent is an educational professional with a master’s degree in educational administration or leadership. The position requires the ability to create and implement plans for multiple schools.

Superintendent salary requirements vary by state and local school district. Although the exact income varies greatly, you can expect to earn between $98,750 and $156,000 per year. Keep in mind that starting superintendent salaries are generally lower than what you can expect to earn as you gain experience and implement student education plans in your district.

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How much are they paid?

  • Source: Salary Range
  • Lower Range: $38,000 per year
  • Upper Range: $71,000 per year
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Choosing the Best Career Changes for Teachers

The Best Master’s Programs Guide points to the best Alternative Jobs in Education – and after education – on career paths that make the most of the skills and knowledge teachers have acquired through their training and experience. Some alternative teaching jobs are among the highest paying jobs with a master’s degree. The jobs are simply presented in alphabetical order.

Post-secondary teaching staff

Average annual salary 2021: $79,640

number of jobs – the number of secondary teaching jobs will increase by 201% and 2020% This is faster job growth than the average for all occupations (8%), with an average of approximately 139,600 post-secondary teaching vacancies per year over the decade.

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