What is the most employable degree

Do you want to be an engineer one day but hate math? Consider pursuing an industrial engineering degree. In fact, it will take you away from deep engineering concepts, which are full of numbers. Industrial engineering is basically a combination of engineering and social sciences, so it is also flexible.


  • Estimated employment: 290,190
  • Annual salary range: $57,950 to $136,930
  • Average annual wage: $88,950

  • Average hourly wage: $42.76

Information technology

Like the Computer Science Information technology is a rapidly expanding field as business grows rapidly. . Computing focuses on the intersection of computing systems, both hardware and software, and the use of these devices to share data and securely establish devices to use and store information. Because it’s such a skilled title, the salary tends to be similar, with those in the field earning a median salary of $80,000-$100,000+ per year. The IT field is also creating jobs faster than other fields, with an expected growth of 12% through 2026.

When you choose to study engineering, there are many fields such as structure, electricity, computing, and mechanics. some.

For many of these specialties, the average starting salary is in the six figures, so not only is it a good field in terms of lucrative salary, but it also offers high job security. While most new jobs are added in the electrical, mechanical, and industrial sectors, the BLS projects that approximately 130,000 new engineering jobs will be added through 2026.


Finance is considered one of the most profitable careers because every company wants someone to manage their finances no matter what. The demand for finance graduates, especially financial managers and financial analysts, is very high and is expected to increase by an average of 20% by 2026. Companies don’t trust anyone to manage their money easily because the stakes are high. on this call. So, in order to earn a high income in a promising position, you need a good degree from a prestigious university.

First year

  • Linear algebra
  • Real analysis
  • Group theory (tixagb_agb_14)
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    C Programming

  • Latex Thesis
  • Calculus

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  • Statistics
  • Multivariate Calculus
  • Complex Analysis
  • Mathematical Modeling
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    ) Medicine Medicine

    It is a discipline different from medicine and dentistry. Delivers on its promises with 98% of all graduates finding employment or studying within 6 months of graduation. One of the things that makes veterinary science degrees so boring is the five to six year duration.

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