What is the most important sentence in the essay

Yes, you must give your opinion if the ad asks for it. The use of the words “this essay” does not represent his own personal opinion. If you are asked for your opinion, you should use I or MY; if you don’t, you’ll get a lower score. See this page for more information: Giving Feedback

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For this purpose

Usage: Use “for this purpose” or “for this purpose” in the same way as “for” or “therefore”. Example: “Ocologists have long tried to understand how animals communicate with each other. To do this, a new study has been launched that examines the sounds of elephants and their possible meaning. ”

Students often make the mistake of using synonyms for “and” whenever they want to add more information to support a point they are making, or to make an argument. Here are some smarter ways to do it.

Final Words

So, to sum it up, in order to have a strong argumentative essay, you need a strong thesis statement.

Of course, you also need to back it up with relevant and compelling arguments, but it all starts with the thesis statement.

Finding thesis statements in texts (especially scholarly articles) can make the articles much easier to read.

How do I present the quote in my own words?

The last thing you want is to get your score suspended for plagiarism. It is strongly recommended to quote the asker. Not citing can give the impression that you are the original author and can lead to plagiarism. You must enclose the citation in double quotes. Here’s a usage example quoting the author:

Thomas Jefferson once said: “The will of the people is the only legitimate basis for any government, and the protection of their freedom of expression must be our priority” . tixagb_7)

Write strong topic sentences

Topic sentences are not the first or last thing you write, you develop them throughout the writing process. To make sure that every sentence and every topic paragraph serves your argument, follow these steps.

The first step in developing topic sentences is to make sure you have a strong thesis. The thesis statement summarizes the entire purpose and argument of the article.

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