What is the shortest dissertation

  • PhD students write and defend theses to obtain their degree.
  • Most essays are between 100 and 300 pages, depending on the field.
  • Taking a step-by-step approach will help students write their thesis.


Divide your thesis into explanatory steps

Writing a thesis is a process with well-defined steps

The details Each step will vary slightly depending on your field, but for most dissertation writers, the steps are first, brainstorming, second, data editing and analysis, and third, polishing.

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  • Best One Year Online PhD Programs
    • Chatham University
    • State University Doctor of Science of Breyer, Dept. Breyer State Psychology in Grief Counseling
    • American International Theistic University
    • Frontier Nursing University
    • Boston University, Boston University College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences: College Sargent
    • )

    • University of North Carolina, School of Medicine
    • Grand Canyon University, College of Nursing and Health Professions
    • Liberty University
    • University of Western Georgia tixagb_14)
  • What is a one-year doctoral program?
  • Do all shorter doctoral programs require a thesis?
  • Why choose a one-year online PhD program?
  • Benefits and Challenges of Short Online PhD Programs
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • What is the shortest online PhD program?
    • Can you get a PhD in a year?
    • What is the fastest PhD to get?
    • How can an online program help speed up the process of obtaining a PhD?
    • Are accelerated PhD programs as good as regular ones?
  • Concluding Remarks
      • Chatham University
      • Breyer University State Cooperative Studies, State Studies Department International University of Theism
      • Frontier College of Nursing
      • Boston University Boston University College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College
      • University of Maryville (14)
      • ) University of North Carolina School of Medicine


      • Grand Canyon University, College of Nursing and Health Care Professions
      • Liberty University
      • University of West Georgia (tixagb_b_1)
      • (tixag)

        Word count differences between universities

        For any PhD student writing a thesis sis, you will find that your document will be subject to eight words set by your university.

        In almost all cases, the limit only applies to the maximum number of words and does not place any restrictions on the minimum word limit. The reason for this is that the student will have to write the thesis with the aim of clearly explaining their research, so it is up to the student to determine what is best for them.

        That being said, it is well accepted among doctoral students and thesis supervisors that the absence of a lower limit does not mean that a thesis can be “light”. Your thesis will focus on several years of original research and will explore new ideas, theories or concepts. In addition to this, your thesis should cover a wide range of topics such as literature review, research methodology, findings, and conclusion. Therefore, your examiners will expect the length of your thesis to be proportionate in order to bring all this information to a proper level.

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