What to say to end a conclusion

Your closing paragraph should begin with a smooth transition from the body of your essay. The first sentence of your paragraph should contain clear transition words so that your reader knows that you are beginning to finish your essay. Different transition words can have different effects, so be sure to choose a transition word or phrase that clearly indicates that you are completing your essay. The following are common examples of transition words and phrases:

  • Finally,
  • To finish,
  • Finally,
  • (tixag up,14)

  • As said before.

In conclusion Synonyms

You can use the following expressions:

  1. To summarize,
  2. (tixag in allb_1) )

  3. In summary,
  4. To conclude,
  5. To close,
  6. Finally, it can be -closing…
  7. To summarize
  8. Total, we can say …
  9. Overall
  10. Overall,
  11. Overall,
  12. All things considered )
  13. Overall,
  14. ) All things considered all,
  15. In general,
  16. In the end,
  17. In 4)

    tixag_14) In general,

  18. So – close ,
  19. In the long run,
  20. Finally,
  21. In total,
  22. Finally,
  23. Finally, (tixagb_1 4)
  24. In h – briefly,
  25. In fact,

    In fact,


  26. Finally,
  27. In summary,
  28. Just to say,
  29. In general, (tixagb_14,)
  30. )
  31. Especially,
  32. In the long term,
  33. In the end,
  34. Indeed,
  35. Close, (14) Close, (4) ,
  36. ) Considering, ( I’m ready..
  37. All situations have been considered,…
  38. therefore…
  39. As a final check,
  40. At the end of the day
  41. For a brief summary
  42. Let’s bring the march to a close,
  43. Considering all this

    (tixag) considered,

  44. very simple,
  45. In integration,…
  46. )

  47. Finally,
  48. In fact,
  49. )

    review )

  50. at the end,
  51. The end result is
  52. The conclusion is
  53. Obviously, going through
  54. last but not least tixagb_14) the last point

  55. of all,
  56. In general, we can say that
  57. Cutixag_14 go to top,
  58. With this in mind, tixagb_14)
  59. The main research paper says,
  60. Explain briefly
  61. Argue the point
  62. To end everything
  63. To summarize a long story
  64. To summarize…
  65. to summarize er,
  66. To summarize the above,

    ) To conclude everything,…

The reflective analysis ends…

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Preview: I would use this sentence in an argumentative essay or a comparison essay.

As an argument, it shows that you think your position makes the most sense.

Step Connect your thesis statement

Connect your conclusion to your original thesis statement. Even if you don’t want to copy it word for word, you can repeat it in another way.

This shows the reader why he took the time to write his article to support his original idea.

Other ways to say “In conclusion”

In summary, After all is said and done, In total, All things considered, Consequently, In final analysis, At the end of the day, Soon to decide, Bringing back, Strongly, Considering all this, All that has been considered, Finally can be concluded, Finally / Finally, In summary, In summary, To close, In conclusion, In confirmation, In conclusion of this, Basically , In summary, In summary, In summary, In the final analysis, It is concluded that, It is obvious that, Last but not least, On a final note, In total, In general, it can be said, In total, Summing up , All in all, Considering this, Looking for articles in bulk, Paraphrasing, Cut to the point, Conclusion, Summarize, To sum up, Put it all together, Put strictly, Sum up, to sum up the above To sum up, To cover all, Finally, at the end, (tixag b_7) (tixa g_7) (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).to push({});

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