Which MBA has highest salary?

What is the highest paying job?

Deciding to pursue a full-time MBA from an accredited business school can be expensive. However, the return on investment from an MBA is well worth it. MBA graduates from top US business schools will continue to earn lucrative salaries in 2021, showing that the Covid-19 pandemic has not stopped MBA dreams.

Indeed, now may be a good time to gain confidence and start your MBA journey. Read on to learn more about the different MBA programs that can land you high-paying jobs.

Business Analytics – $126,000

Business Analytics Professionals are one of the highest paying MBA specializations available in the business market today. A business analysis degree offers graduates a variety of specialization opportunities, including cost estimators, financial analysts, statisticians, and market research analysts, to name just a few. Business analysis is the systematic study of data generated by operations and statistical sources. Graduate students with a business analytics degree dive deep into patterns and forecasters to gain the insights needed to drive businesses forward.

According to statisticians from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job market for those with degrees in economic analysis (aka management analysts) is quite strong, with projected job growth of 14% through 2028 .That must be done. be faster than the average for all US occupations combined. This 14% job growth would equate to the creation of more than 118,000 new business analyst jobs over the next ten years.

While the median salary for management analysts was $85,260 in 2018, those near the top of the ladder earned nearly $155,000 in the same year.

What are the focus areas of the MBA?

A general MBA program emphasizes generally applicable business skills. It also develops a broad knowledge of key business concepts in management, finance and marketing.

Although major MBAs cover the same business fundamentals, the curricula in these programs focus on one area, such as business administration. B. health management or international trade. MBA focus areas, also known as concentrations or specializations, can focus on core business practices—such as marketing and human resources—or on specific industries such as real estate and information technology.

Good timeliness

Timing is essential. If you don’t have several years of professional experience before you apply to doctoral school, you may not be able to get accepted to the programs of your choice. Create a schedule and figure out the best time in your career to do your MBA. Once you know when you want to enter an MBA program, spend your time up to that point upgrading your skills for the subsequent application.

Now that you know which industries pay the best, consider a position in those industries if you are interested. Don’t go into an industry just for the pay. Match your skills, interests and passions to the job. Consider the most in-demand industries in your location (unless you’re willing to relocate) and look for a job in an industry that offers good prospects for potential future employment.

Common occupations

  • management consultant
  • Director of Strategy
  • CEO
  • Career start: $115,050 (salary scale, July 2022)
  • Experienced professionals: $155,850 (salary scale, July 2022)

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