Which skill is best for teaching?

Day after day, every teacher deals with a group of students with different learning mindsets.

Although some students show great interest in learning, other students are more easily distracted by the slightest stimulation. Therefore, to qualify as an effective teacher, you need to develop student engagement skills so that you can motivate your students.

Skill 3: Read the play

An often overlooked skill is the ability to read the play. A lesson plan you used for the same subject a month ago may no longer work. You need to consider the average age of the students, their likes and dislikes, and the culture of the students. You can generalize a bit about how, but the best way to run a good class is to get to know the students. Without this skill, you may find yourself confused in your TEFL teaching career.

Spoiler alert! Unfortunately, we do not know all the words in the dictionary. You may be asked a question from time to time. Maybe you’ve been teaching Present Perfect Continuous for a while and you’re stuck. It’s good! It happens to the best of us. A great skill to have is to get away without getting caught. I remember saying at school, “That’s a great question! Write it down and see if you can figure it out for yourself by the next class.


Any teacher who has spent even a day in the classroom knows that multitasking is essential at work.

Imagine a teacher teaching one on one with a student in a corner of the classroom. This teacher must also know what the students in the other corner of the class are doing. You should always keep an eye on these students to make sure they are doing well.

Being a teacher requires resilience and determination

Teaching is a very rewarding job, but it will take determination to be the exceptional teacher you set out to be. A willingness to adapt and a commitment to continuous improvement are important attributes to bring to the job. It will be important for you to assess for yourself which individual lessons you think could be better and analyze how you can improve in the future. A genuine desire to inspire young people to reach their potential will help you succeed.

Good organization and effective time management will make your job as a teacher much more difficult and help you maintain a good work-life balance. Like many jobs, you need to be able to handle a challenging workload. As well as preparing and delivering lessons, you will grade performance, assess student progress, undertake pastoral duties as a classroom teacher, and attend meetings. Everything is manageable if you use your time effectively and have the organizational skills necessary for the teaching profession.

Skill: Agility and Adaptability

Preparation: Looking back over the past twenty years, we can see how much work and the world have changed.

Our students must be familiar with the idea of ​​change and ready to adapt to the changes around them. Teachers can create a very dynamic environment within the classroom that will help prepare students for the future. Students can adapt by adapting the teaching strategies we use, the classroom setup, how students demonstrate learning, and even guidelines for group work or homework.

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